Melody Kim
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Artist Is Present

Artist Is Present

Motion Design


3D Modeling, Texture, Animation


YoYo Dong, Dannie Jiang, Phillip Han, Taejoon Kim

Project Overview

This is a piece that interprets Marina Abramovic’s life manifesto by using a very straightforward visual expression. The body gets cracked open by a gun shot, which well explains her theory: physical suffers are the doors to consummate the spiritual free.

In one of the Marina’s early performances, the gun brought out the good and evil out in the audience. This lead to Marina to test of the body’s limits in her ongoing performances. In her latest performance — the artist is present — she sacrificed herself for the audience, forging a path to transcendence and becoming one with the universe.

Who is Marina?

Marina Abramović has been pushing past perceived limits of the body and mind, and exploring the complex relationship between artist and audience, through performances that challenge both herself and, in many instances, participants emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

Key words

Tranquility, Spiritual, Physical, Pure, Transcendent

Key Elements

Gun: The gun represents the raw nature of humanity.
Body cracking: Pushing the body’s limit.
Flower: The transformation of her blooming towards maturity.
Universe: The universe stands for Marina’s self-sacrice.