Melody Kim
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False Awakening


False Awakening

Motion Design


Character Animation, Character Design, and Composition


Yoyo Dong, Dannie Jiang, Esther Kim, Danny Ho, Joanna Hwang

Project Overview

A vivid or convincing dream about awakening from sleep, when in reality you’re still sleeping. A false
awakening dream is that the dreamer will think that their current surroundings are a part of their everyday lives no matter how bizarre some aspects of the dream may be. The dreamer actually cannot figure out if she is dreaming or not. Until the world is revealed to be an illusion! My concept is false awakening it self. Where I want to visually execute the adventurous experience of dreaming while conscious.

This story is about a false awakening with a mother and her 4 year old son. While on a walk through the city the son sees a movie poster of a man flying through the air and is inspired by as well. The mother falls asleep and slips into a dream. The drama unfolds when she awakens to find her son missing.