Melody Kim

Indie Horror


Indie Horror Film

Poster Design

Project Overview

The horror genre has always welcomed tinkerers — inventive filmmakers who are interested in taking genre’s conventions apart and fitting them back together in novel ways. Indie horror directors place a high value on cheapskate ingenuity, the trick of scaring the audience stiff with the simplest possible effect: an unexpected camera movement, a barely glimpsed shadow, a hand reaching for a doorknob.

Designed a poster 22x33 inches vertical format, which can be cut up and made into a brochure, 5.5x11 inches. (It Follows 2014/Let the Right One in 2008/Get out 2017/It Comes at Night 2017/The Invitation 2017/A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 2014/The Cabin in the Woods 2012/The Babdook 2014/Under the Shadow 2016/The Witch 2016)